The historic district Bur Dubai, locates on the west side of Dubai Creek, literal meaning of Bur Dubai is “mainland Dubai”. This is the reference that related to the traditional separation of Deira and Bur Dubai. Both are located either side of Dubai Creek. In past, the traditional boat (Abra) used to help people to travel either side. Now the floating bridge that is known as Al Maktoum Bridge & Al Shindagha Tunnel connects both of the neighborhoods.

Bur Dubai is home to historical sites that includes Dubai museums, Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, The Ruler’s Court and the Al Shindagha Historical District. The Grand Mosque also locates here that features the city tallest minaret also the blue tiled Iranian Mosque. The Bur Dubai has so many shopping streets and textile souks that are Meena Bazaar and Al Seef. The waterside path here has line-up of dhows dinner cruises. We have made a list that will help you to explore Bur Dubai’s best sights.

Al Bastakiya

  1. Al Bastakiya

If you want to explore and get a slice of Dubai’s history then you must visit to Al Bastakiya. A small trip to Al Fahidi district or Bastakiya can fulfil your thirst to discover the historical roots of Dubai. Categorized by its large buildings made from traditional materials like wood and mud, Al Bastakiya has its own charm.

Al Bastakiya is also known an Old Dubai; the existence of this area came into 19th century that is much before the transformation of Dubai into the posh town that we see today.  You may also get chance to participate in art events that you can enjoy with much dedication included locals in this attractive setting. The saying is true that no trip is completed if you haven’t seen an Old Dubai. You must go ahead and prepare the explorer within yourself and include Al Bastakiya on your travel list right now.

Saeed Al Maktoum House

  1. Saeed Al Maktoum House

The historical building that is known as Al Maktoum House, it locates in the Al Shindagha area of the city. The former residence in Dubai then became a ruler Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum. It was built in 1896 became a museum now. The people here can learn and enjoy the royal’s family lifestyle and culture.

It is one of the famous spots for tourist now. It impresses the visitors and the residents with its simplicity yet massive stature, courtyards and open areas, also the cooling wind towers. In addition, you can find here a lot of photographs, stamps, documents, jewelry, coins, decorated items and much more in this ancient museum.

  1. Dubai Museum Of Bur Dubai

The magnificent museum of Dubai that is known as Al Fahidi Fort. It was built in 1787 and is one of the oldest building of Emirates. It restored in 1971 by the Dubai rulers and then renovate in 1995. The wonderful architecture houses hold the city’s heritage and some important historical events as well. The exhibition in the museum contrast from a lot of traditional boats also the palm leaf house of Emirati wind tower.

The various galleries in the intricate display the culture of Dubai from 1800s. The musical instruments of Emirati, artifacts of plethora that exchanged from Asian and African countries and around 4000-year-old graves at the site of Al Qusais archaeological will perplex you with its past. The museums main focus is to represent the tradition and culture of old Dubai. The museum also shows the old maps of Dubai and Emirates that explain the giant development of this region after the oil boom.

  1. Dhow Cruise Of Bur Dubai

This Dhow Cruise is must try for those people who want to know about the rich heritage of Dubai. Travelling past the Marina or Creek, a Dhow Cruise represent that how fishers would use the vessel for pearl diving and fishing. This Dhow Cruise in Dubai shows you the other magnificent side of the city with having ride through the historical places. This is the best cruise experience with dinner. There you can have plenty of options! you can explore an Old Dubai Creek or can have romantic dinner with someone who is special to you. You can see the most modern episodes of dinner in cruise or wonder around the best sight of nature.

This Dhow Cruise in Dubai mainly operates in two areas. The Deira Creek or the Dubai Marina. It provides the great environment for those who wants to enjoy, rejuvenate and relax on the cruise. The time duration there is around 2 to 3 hours, it depends on the tour operators. The buffet includes Continental, Arabian and Indian cuisine with some entertainment shows and live music. There are two decks in the cruise. The lower one is air conditioned and the upper one is ideal for winter that shows a fantastic view.

Bur Dubai

  1. Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai is not just famous for its desserts, resorts and adventure parks but also for it’s so many shopping hubs as well. The Gold Souk market is popular and is one of the world’s largest gold shopping hub as well. This market situated in Deira. It is one of the highly and most famous spot for tourist in Dubai because of its amazing designs and quality. It has more than 350 jewellery retailers and traders, it stocks 10 tons of gold daily.

Bur Dubai


  1. Dubai Creek At Bur Dubai

The Dubai Creek is working attraction. This artery of salt water that connects Bur Dubai to the south and Deira to the north, is really busy with its traditional wooden dhows that intersecting the water. Although it is a commercial lifeblood of the city but also, so peaceful sight to see. Discover one of the abras (the water taxi) that run every minute between the historic district Bur Dubai on southwestern bank and the souks of Deira on the northeaster bank.

Bur Dubai

  1. The Dubai Frame

This is the instagrammer’s dream, the huge linear construction outstandingly frames views of both new and old Dubai. Inside this frame, there is multi media gallery with displays of the present, past and future of United Arab Emirates. Moreover, The Dubai’s love of buildings, high glass, concrete and steel is the world’s largest frame and also well known as the observation tower.

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