Umrah or the minor pilgrimage is a pilgrim to Makkah which is a holy city. Muslims from all around the world go on this journey to have favor and blessings from Allah. Also, it is not obligatory like Hajj but it makes a vital part of Islam.

Pilgrims who are looking to fulfill this calling of religion must first get Umrah Visa as one of the privileges to enter Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom. Here are all the details that you need to know about the Visa. The requirements, how to apply, and associated costs, will guide you each and everything here.

The Current News Regarding Visa 2023

The latest Umrah visa that allows people to officially visit holy sites in Saudi Arabia, has been increased by Saudi authorities from 30 days to 90 days. Also, visa holders are allowed to enter and exit the country through any seaport, air, and from any land.

The Umrah Visa

This officially designed visa document facilitates Muslims who intend to undertake the minor pilgrimage, known as Umrah, to visit Madina and Makkah. As per the current development, the authorities have extended the validity of the Umrah Visa from one to three months.

The Umrah visa allows individuals to enter Saudi Arabia for a limited period of time in order to fulfill this ritual. The rituals include a visit to the Kaaba, the Performance of Tawaf (walk around the Kaaba), and SA’I (walking between the hills of Marwa and Safa).

To get an Umrah Visa, you must have to apply through a travel agent who should have a license. You also have to provide some official documents like your Muslim Identity, your passport, and your birth certificate. You must have a sufficient financial budget to support your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Visa To Perform An Umrah

You must secure an Umrah visa or visit visa in order to perform the minor pilgrimage. If you are a citizen of Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, and Oman, so you may just have to show your national identity card to enter Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government has allowed pilgrims to enter and perform Umrah on any type of visa. You can perform Umrah on a visa that includes, a transit visa, a free 4-day visa, and a Saudi tourist visa.

Saudi Arabia has now released Umrah insurance costs by 63 percent. Moreover, the price of medical insurance in Umrah has been reduced from SAR 235 to 87 SAR.

On a Tourist Visa

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has declared that Saudi Arabia is permitting visitors who have Saudi Arabia tourist visas can do Umrah. Qualified citizens from 49 countries, who are eligible to apply for the Saudi Electronic visa, are permitted to perform the Umrah ritual in Saudi Arabia by either validating their online visas on the Visit Saudi Arabia website or upon arrival at airports.

In accordance with the Ministry, people who are applying for Umrah visas by using tourist visas including holders of USA, Schengen, and UK visas are valid and must bear an entry stamp from the country who is issuing it.

Tourist visa valid for 12 months available upon arrival at any Saudi airport, allowing exploration of all cities and regions in Saudi Arabia.

For performing Umrah on a tourist visa, some requirements include:

In addition, make sure people who wish to perform Umrah and are not qualified must apply for visas at the Saudi Arabia embassy in their respective county.

When the Hajj season is over, there are some advantages to performing Umrah on a tourist visa, such as permission for multiple entries, longer stay periods and you can choose a hotel for of your choice.

Types Of Umrah Visas 

People who want to perform Umrah can perform on any kind of Saudi visa. Though, the Saudi E-Visa also Umrah visas are amongst the highest visas applied by pilgrims with a validity of 90 to one year.

 Visa Requirement 

These are the required documents for an Umrah visa:

 E-Visa Requirement 

The Saudi E-Visa which covers activities related to tourism and Umrah (Not the Hajj season) has the following requirements are as follows:

Fees For Visa 2023

The visa is free of cost. However, there are fees associated with processing and other services related to Umrah. These fees may amount to around USD 200 to 300.

The fees for a Saudi E-visa are as follows:

Rules To Follow

The Umrah and Hajj Ministry allows pilgrims three hours to complete their pilgrimage. Moreover, No luggage is allowed during rituals, and pilgrims must leave the mosque after their entry permits expire. The authorities of Saudi have dropped the age limit and now Muslims over the age of 65 can perform the pilgrimage. Females can travel there independently without male support.

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