Desert Safari Dubai

A perfect place for adventure enthusiasts, Dubai City furnishes its tourists with an ideal mix of traditional culture and modern highlights. From dynamic nightlife to quiet seashores, to amazing shopping malls to the lavish culture of the city, Dubai is known as one of the most incredible places to encounter the magnificence of life. The feature travel industry of Dubai is its desert safari Dubai, which is the perfect way to encounter the core spirit of the place. The thrilling experience with the rich culture for the entire day makes one’s experience worth loving. The memorable day on desert safari Dubai vows to end your day with the mesmerizing and extraordinary nightlife of Dubai. You can have camp life there and if you are not a camp person, that’s not a problem. There are a lot of luxurious hotels for you with a lot of facilities that you’ll search for. We are providing you with things that you must know for your journey into the Arabian sands on desert safari Dubai.
Desert Safari Dubai


Desert Safari Dubai is a guided trip into the boundless desert sands that is isolated and located away from the city’s noise. Deserts are completely changed to what Dubai’s extravagant part appears to be. It is just far away from the crowd and noise; this area separates you from the busy roads of Dubai and you can feel here all the calmness and peace that you are searching for.  You can experience the incomparable allure of the dune scenery accompanied by complete peace and complete tranquility.

Desert Safari Dubai


On desert safari Dubai, is a combination that sums up adventure, nature, and some of the most amazing cultural experiences. However, there are some things that you must look forward to enjoying on your visit to the vast desert. You should remember that there must be differences in packages for desert safari and it totally depends on the package that you select for desert safari.

Desert Safari Dubai


Camel ride is the highlight of desert safari Dubai. A desert animal that is naturally capable of going for a long time without water intake is Camel. Moreover, You can enjoy a camel ride with mesmerizing views from the desert. You can experience past times when people live in desert areas and they use to have camels as their rides. You must capture those moments on camera, so make sure to click plenty of memories.

Also, witness the changing colors of mesmerizing desert dunes as you get back on the camel ride. With the thrill and fun experience apart, you have a chance to see an insight into the modest lifestyle of the ancient United Arab Emirates (UAE). This friendly living being was the only way of transport and food in the phase pre-oil.

Desert Safari Dubai


A dune bashing involves the use of a 4×4 powerful vehicle which is used by an expert driver. If you don’t know how to drive so that’s fine, the expert will guide you or you can take a ride with them. You can have a thrilling experience with low and high sand dunes in the most pulse-racing way. This is an adventurous experience for those who are quad vehicle lovers.

Desert Safari Dubai


After a dune bash and brief stops on the way, you may move to the Bedouin-style campsite on desert safari Dubai. You can spend the rest of your time there. You can enjoy and experience the warm welcome with Arabic coffee and fresh dates. After relaxing you can prepare yourself for the next set of adventures.

Desert Safari Dubai


While you cruise through the sand dunes on desert safari Dubai, you can witness the endless desert stretch to the horizon which will amaze you. You can closely see the desert vegetation in the form of cacti. These plants are some best sights to see. They mostly grow in extreme water conditions and even, some of the flowers contempt the hot temperature. You can also feel a thrill by watching wildlife in the form of scorpions, lizards, snakes, and raccoons. Usually, camels find shelter for them in the desert, it is rare to see them roaming wild in the desert. If you visit desert safari Dubai in the morning, you can see a beautiful sunrise from the desert. However, if you are going to the desert in the evening, you can witness breathtaking sunset view from the desert.

You definitely don’t want o miss golden hour which is dazzling in the desert safari, with rays that make every grain of sand glow bright. You take photographs as much as you can, then the ride will continue to take you back to your camp.

Desert Safari Dubai


If you are a sheesha lover, smoking in the desert safari Dubai is a unique experience for them. You can have different flavors that you definitely want to try out, and the ambiance there is completely different that you’ll be in love with the place. On desert safari Dubai, you can have a five-course delicious meal. You can taste their international cuisines with some amazing live entertainment. However, when reach the camp, you will have a warm welcome with traditional fruits, drinks, and dates.

Camp there will offer you wild contrast of the trip as it is attractive as an oasis in the middle of the desert. There are tents that are built together and a huge center carpeting that looks like a stage, the camp is a small area in the middle of the desert. You can also get henna tattoos from any local woman who is well-talented. Henna is a key part of Arab culture that symbolizes wellness and auspiciousness.
Desert Safari Dubai


The best month and time to go for a desert safari Dubai is on the month of November to March. The weather at that time remains pleasant in the morning and evening. Night there is not cold as well, as Dubai has hot temperatures. The weather at that time of moths is perfect to visit desert safa

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