The Palm Jumeirah is one of the most famous and utmost visited public beaches in Dubai. The white sand beach stretch along the coastal area of the city. It has a lot of large hotels and resorts that are close to its frontage area.

The wonderful view of Jumeirah Beach provides much relaxation to mind. The lounges here at the beach offer a much entertainment and the visitor love to enjoy everything here. The seashore there provides a bunch of restaurants and shopping places near it as well. The people who love sunlight can get sunbathe there while the others can relax on the sand in front of the deep blue sea.

The park within the beach has a playground for children and a huge area dedicated to picnics and barbeque. The environment there is very clean but if you plan to go in the day time so sun might toll on you. You can enter Palm Jumeirah Beach from morning till night without any charges but if you want to visit the park so there will be minimum charges. You must take a water bottle and sunscreen with you if you want to spend time in sunlight.

The beach is more crowded when the food festivals happen there and the people participate in the proceedings as well. The walk there is a must-visit place from French street food to local delights. The park there is a great attraction for tourists where people can relax, swim, or can play sports like volleyball, throwing a ball, etc.

The most famous beach in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is heavily crowded because of its attraction to so many shopping malls and shore stores. It offers the best escape and is one of the most memorable experiences you will have.

Palm Jumeirah

The Interest Point At Palm Jumeirah Beach

Palm Jumeirah

  1. Jet Skiing

It is one of the best adventures you can have for one hour. The jet pass through the iconic views of Al Arab and other wonderful skyline landmarks. The one-hour Jet Ski is an interesting ride and to be safe on.

Palm Jumeirah

  1. Parasailing And Boat Tour

The residence at Jumeirah is close to the that poses a great place to go for parasailing and boating. The journey of fifteen minutes gives you amazing views of Palm Island and Dubai Marina especially when you come close to the Gulf.

  1. Sun Lounge

If you just want to relax your body and don’t want to do anything else, then you must visit in the morning hours when the sun is at its best. You can get tan and relax while sipping your cola.

  1. The Park

The park has some relaxing facilities where you can go swimming and play some games with your family and friends.

  1. Eat While Walking

You can enjoy your walk while eating some good food as the area include some of the best cuisines from around the world. The area is crowded but is extremely worth it if you like to have some street food. You can see many food stalls there and can enjoy delighted food. They have more Chinese and French cuisines that locate near to shore boundary.

  1. Bar Hop

There are numerous bars that are lined up across the shore and provide visitors with a complete edge. You can enjoy some night vibes, drinks, and music in the amazing location, just do some bar research before you visit there.

Restaurants And Shopping Zones At The Palm Jumeirah Beach

There are so many well-known restaurants in Jumeirah Beach that offers a variety of different cuisines from different culture. We can suggest some of the famous restaurants there that you want to try, those are La Parrila, Latitude, Carnevale, Naya and so many more.

Also, there are some shopping places that you must visit. There you can find modern as well the traditional things that are related to Dubai. The popular shopping places there that we suggest you are, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, The Mall Jumeirah, Mercato Shopping Mall etc.

Palm Jumeirah

The Highlight Of The Palm Jumeirah Beach

How To Reach The Palm Jumeirah Beach

Palm Jumeirah Beach is 15km away from the Dubai airport. You can have many ways to visit the beach when you are directly coming from the airport. It might be expensive but a taxi can take you direct to the beach. If you don’t have a private car so you can easily take the Metro and can take the 88 lines to reach the beach. The journey is much cheaper and the second-best option but will take around an hour.

Best Timings To Visit The Palm Jumeirah Beach

The exotic beach promises you a memorable time. However, Dubai is a deserted area with beaches so the weather there gets pretty humid and unbearable at times. For that, visiting the beach in the winter months is the best option.

But other than that, it will be suitable to visit the beach in the morning and in the evening, the evening is considered to be the best time as the weather at that time is better and the beach is much more crowded as everyone enjoy there at that time.  Afternoon visits are risky because of extreme dry heat waves that might result in sunstroke.



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