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If you are planning to travel from Sharjah to Dubai by road, and you are not much sure about the places in between to visit. So, you are on the right page!

The distance from Sharjah to Dubai is just 28 km. For that, traveling by car would be a good option as you can enjoy some of the best spots with your family or friends and you can have a seamless journey to experience the vibrancy of the UAE through this small memorable trip. However, there are several buses that drive from Sharjah to Dubai every next minute, if you are looking for a cheaper substitute, then this would be a great option for you.

sharjah to dubai


Old Bazar Umm Al Quwain, you can visit this place while traveling from Sharjah to Dubai. An individual who has already had enough of Dubai’s skyscrapers and limitless malls, and wants to see the real UAE and its desert, must love this place to visit. Around 30 mins before Dubai, you will witness a beautiful landscape and experience so many more of UAE. The place is super safe, there are modern roads and it is easy to navigate and drive. Dubai is only a part of the United Arab Emirates, there are many more small emirates towns like Umm Al Quwain that are in between Sharjah to Dubai.

The Old Bazar is a mixed-used district that locates at the edge of Umm Al Quwain (UAQ). The oldest neighborhood is shaped as a teardrop that is surrounded by a creek and sea. Old Bazar, is a place with historic landmarks of the United Arab Emirates, Hutchison Port, and the National Museums of UAQ. Al Corniche Street and King Faisal Street start from this district that connects it with a major highway that is Ittihad Street.

As per the resolution issued by his highness Sheikh Saud Bin Rashid Al Mu’allah who is a Ruler of Umm Al Quwain, the area is under the process of redevelopment currently. Although, Old Umm Al Quwain’s upgradation will boost economic growth through tourism sustainability.

Location: Near to Al Nasr Type & Photoshop service, United Arab Emirates

Contact Number: 971 6 765 6375

sharjah to dubai


The Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) National Museum is also known as Al Ali Fort; you can visit the museum while traveling from Sharjah to Dubai. UAQ is the second smallest Emirates but it has so much to offer when it comes to history, nature, and culture. One of the perks of visiting there is you can witness the unmatchable serenity of the city. An exciting and amazing hub for visitors is Al Ali Fort or UAQ Museum, which is the center of heritage and history in the city.

UAQ museum is created inside the fort that was once home to the ruling family of emirates. Another feature is that the museum Is home to artifacts excavated at Ed-Dur. It is one of the largest archaeological sites in the UAE, also, listed as the most significant lost cities in Arabia. In the UAQ museum, you can also find exhibitions that show the history of the war in the region, especially old cannons.

The building in the area is around 150 years old and the area still has the traditional look and feel of the old city. However, people who love history would like to visit this place as it is still the best-maintained structure.

Location: Old Umm Al Quwain Theater, United Arab Emirates

Website: http://ahd.uaq.ae/en/about-us/museums/fort-al-ali.html

Contact Number: 971 6 765 0888

sharjah to dubai


Dreamland Water Park is a destination that is family-friendly in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain that you can visit from Sharjah to Dubai.There are numerous water rides that ensure that every individual of any age can enjoy them. It includes everything, from adrenaline-pumping water slides and also, wave pools to slow lazy rivers.

There are several hotels that offer different and various kinds of cuisines that fulfill everyone’s requirements. You can find delicious food there whether you are starving for munchies or dinner. It has various souvenir and gift shops as well. You can get traditional things from there to gift someone if you are visiting anyone from Sharjah to Dubai.

Dreamland Water Park is the best option to enjoy with your kids. The welcoming environment with security makes it perfect for families with kids and within 1 hour, you will reach to your destination Dubai.

Location: Umm Al Quwain, Al Shebeakah, United Arab Emirates

Website: http://www.dreamlanduae.com/

Contact No: 971 6 768 1888


Ajman Museum, you can visit this place while traveling from Sharjah to Dubai. Although it is the smallest among the 7 emirates the place is full of cultural attractions and highlights that show the rich history of the region. It is one of the best historical and cultural destinations in the attractive Emirates. The fort was built from gypsum and coral stone and conserved by H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid. The museum is home to old ingenious irrigation systems, wooden dhows, and ancient manuscripts.

In this museum, you can witness all sort of relics and ancient articles that delivers a glimpse into how emirate life was earlier. It includes fishing tools, pearls, jewelry, and clay jars. One after the other, life-like Dioramas, take you back in time where you can be amazed by seeing traditional Bedouin marketplaces, fishing, agriculture, and weddings.

There are numerous other replicas related to traditional life in the museum. You will definitely be amazed by the detail of each replica that makes the figurines so realistic that you may easily forget that you are standing in a well-constructed mock-up. You can witness there a display in which you can see a barber’s mannequin with bloodstains from the head of his customers. Also, there are many rooms in the museum that display diverse archaeological discoveries in the Ajman. You can also find rooms with the emirate’s first radio station and Ajman Police Force.

Location: Al Bustan, CC7W+ 56Q, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Website: http://www.ajmantourism.ae/

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