It’s no wonder that Dubai attract expatriate from all around the world with some great employment opportunities and some best businesses. If you are searching work in a cosmopolitan city which is tactically located on the global map, you don’t have to look further. Dubai offers world-class luxury and comfort but tax-free salary as well that you don’t have to worry about your budget to accomplish your dreams. With Dubai work visa, best salaries and good job prospects, just ask about something and you will have it here. Ever questioned? Dubai can be the best place for your career. This destination can be paradise for expats who are looking to accomplish and enhance their careers. If you are planning to work or live in Dubai, you must know these five reasons

Best Quality of Living & Tourist delight

UAE’s Abu Dhabi and Dubai emirates offers a great quality of living in the Africa region and Middle east as well. Accordance with the Mercer’s 2016 Quality of Living Rankings. In this year, only two of the cities from the region MENA made it amongst the top 100, that includes Dubai and Abu Dhabi, (Dubai ranks at 75 overall no.1 in region) and (Abu Dhabi ranked at 81 overall no.2 in region). This is not for the first time, but its for the fourth time in a row that Dubai ranked top as the Middle Eastern city for living.

This quality of life which has been provided by the emirates comes up with perks of being tax-free. The city can spoil you with having line of supermarkets, amazing restaurants, world-class cuisine, beach surfing and a lot more entertainment. From all over the world tourist visits Dubai for bizarre experience of shopping during Festival of Dubai shopping. From having a top brand to the gold & spice souks, Dubai has everything for everyone. It’s up to you to have it luxurious or a pocket friendly.

A large amount of tourist visits the emirates every year to marvel at so many world-class entertainments and having facilities that this city offers.  After look at this trend, a lot of foreign investors are willing to invest heavily to the emirate tourist industry in hope of having good return on their capital with the time.

Safety & Security

For expatriates, also who are here with Dubai work visa, safety is key factor for them to work abroad. Accordance with Business consulting major Mercer: Dubai has been ranked on 40 globally on the safety constraint also follow the Muscat regionally.

You don’t have to look for the time to step out in that place, you can freely go to the streets of the emirates with no fear of being mugged or attacked. The Police is fast and efficient and the crime rate is near to non-existence in the emirates. So, the secure place where both the female and male are protected and can work and also enjoy without any fear will positively results to their life.

Businesses in Dubai thrive in protected circumstances also it provides environment with investor-friendly coupled with strict business laws to accommodate the foreign investors.


Is there any benefit for staying away from your home and working abroad and not enough saving for yourself? Dubai provides great tax-free investment chances for the residents who wish to live luxurious and comfortable life. There is no corporate tax, wealth tax or income tax that you have to pay.

If the investor has a maximum profit and rent out property in Dubai with the benefit of not paying tax. It simply means that an individual can save enough amount to invest somewhere else. This is benefit for expats who used to pay around 30 percent of their salary as income tax to their home countries but in Dubai, they are totally Tax-free resident.

Multi-cultural workforce

Where east meets west, that place is known as Dubai. The people who come here with Dubai work visa also other residents of Dubai here represent around 180 different races across the world.  It locates at the center of the world in business map which is easily accessible from different parts of Asia that includes the Middle East, also the European countries. Dubai can also be a launch pay for you if you are wishing to immigrate to other countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and so on.  So, it is an Arabic lifestyle that you may experience here but also you get a chance to interact and work with people from around the work. Having a diverse culture experience will definitely affect your career positively.

English is Broadly Spoken & Global Exposure

Not like most of the cities within the Middle East, English is spoken widely and understood by a lot of people who live or work in Dubai.  That is one of the good things that there are no language barriers    otherwise it can be a major interference for expats. The Arabic is positively a plus and It can also land you a better opportunity of jobs. However, most of the people out there understand as well speak English that make easier for expatriates from all around the world who do business with locals. Language barrier is one of the most disadvantages for expats but in Dubai, there is no such disadvantage for expat.


Also, with the diverse range of work and employees, without any doubt Dubai gives you the best grounds in international business. It is a trade hub and global financial that offers a lot of opportunities to the people who has big dreams. The growing economy is offering fruits in all sectors, leads to a constant incursion for both workers and investors who wish to profligate in the benefits. It is the rise of city that top of various global rankings that has made investment in key sectors of economy such as, finance, real estate, oil & gas, service & hospitality a profitable venture for hundreds and thousands of people.


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