Dubai rapidly attracting tourist all around the world with it’s revolutionary vibes. By far, the emirates are utmost sophisticated place in the UAE. The neighbor of emirates has a lot more way to go before it turn into a global city. You can find authentic illustrative of it by just visiting the Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood also, Dubai museum in old Dubai. The Dubai museum and Al Fahidi fort are a historical tribute of Dubai that delivers the bests insight within the emirate’s old time when it was simply a desert reimbursement. This is the short guide all about Al Fahidi museum and what offers they have for visitors in Dubai.

Discover the Oldest Structure of Dubai

The Dubai museum, Al Fahidi Fort, is one of the most renowned monuments. This is the square-shaped fort with three towers, it is built closed to the edge of the city during the old Dubai quarters.  The portion from the fort has been altered into the Dubai museum in order to remembrance of old and precious Dubai remnants from the past. Al Fahidi is built in 1700s and served as a defensive fortification, it is place to store prison and the weapons. Later on, the fort was renovated as Dubai museum to reserve the heritage of Dubai’s Bedouin in an extensive collection of museums that continuous reminds visitors about its splendor. Dubai museum is the oldest building in Dubai that was opened back in 1971, it started as the introduction of the past city before oil was discovered there and Dubai was started to become a global megapolis. The Dubai museum will take you back in the times when Dubai was just a small settlement, that was trying to survive the strict desert climate. The Bedouin era of Dubai’s traditional lifestyle, also the exhibitions were kept in the original form as well natural, as much as possible it can be. The Dubai museum portraits a period of time when Dubai was a small trading settlement and small fishing and was an unambiguous contrast to the modern time of Dubai.


The Architecture of Al Fahidi

The Al Fahidi Fort comes out remarkably from Dubai luminous skyline laden with skyscrapers. The fort is founded decades an ago. It is constructed from material that are harvested from the desert and still considered an achievement against the ravages of time. The subtle designs and with earth-toned finishing, the structure is soothing visuals for the eyes that have been well modified to Dubai’s metal and glass construction.

Ancient Souks at Al Fahidi Fort

In the Dubai museum, there is a section that represent traditional bazaars from the old times. The section has bazaars that display the selling of Arabian merchandise, also the way of trading during the old Dubai era.

The Traditional Weapons and Boats

The courtyard at Al Fahidi Fort, in there you will find an artillery pieces and canons collection. You will also be amazed by finding a grand wooden boat (Arabian dhows) that navigate the creek of old period of time.

Arish & Majlis

The museum also shows a sight that how tradition homes was constructed back there by simply use of materials that were available at that period, even steel and concrete was not discovered yet. The houses of Arish, was built with towers of wind and Majlis (Majlis is a common place of sitting that gives glimpse of traditional Emirati house of the bygone era).

The Historical District of Dubai Al Fahidi

The Dubai museum locates near Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood, that is another amazing place to have a sense of Dubai’s history and a simple lifestyle. The region of Dubai comprises the best hidden charms of Dubai like, aesthetic art galleries that is pleasing and charming courtyard cafes.  You must visit at once and relax yourself by having a warm sip of Arabic coffee at charming cafes in Dubai.

Exhibition & Galleries

The Dubai museum and inside of it you will find numerous sections that exhibiting cutlery, pottery, vessels, textiles, coins and tools that was used during Bedouin era. There are life-size dioramas and photographs as well that is created to show the lifestyle of locals living in the desert area back at that time. By seeing all the historical galleries, you will be amazed and appreciate the Dubai nation that how simple it was back in times and after struggle and making a lot of efforts, Dubai is now one of the modern cities in the world.

How to Reach Al Fahidi Fart

The Al Fahidi Fort is located in the southern end of Dubai Creek that is opposite to the Grand Mosque at Bur Dubai. The location is at Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood and only five minutes far from Al Shindagha Museum in Dubai. You can easily and comfortably reach to Dubai Museum by taking green metro line by alighting at station of Al Fahidi metro or the Ghubaiba metro station. From there the Dubai museum is walking distance of 10 minutes. You can easily go through taxi or bus to reach Al Fahidi fort from any place in Dubai. By road, it will only take 20 minutes approx. from Dubai international airport it will take 12 minutes and 30 minutes from Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

Timings of the Museum

Dubai museum opens at, from Saturday to Thursday it opens at 8:30 am and closed at 8:30 pm on Friday the museum opens at 2:30 pm and closes at 8:30 pm. The timings changes during holidays or in the holy month of Ramadan.

Tickets of the Museum

The entry ticket of Al Fahidi Fort is only 3 AED per individual and 1 AED for kids under the age of six. The Al Fahidi Fort is best place for those who are interested in historical places and want to enhance their knowledge of the old times. However, tourist who wants to explore things can also visit museum because it would be one of the best exposures for them as well.


The Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Fort, is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history and heritage of Dubai. It is the oldest building in Dubai and provides a glimpse into the emirate’s past, before it became a global metropolis. Visitors can see traditional bazaars, ancient souks, traditional homes, and exhibits of cutlery, pottery, and tools used during the Bedouin era. The museum is located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, which is another charming place to explore. The entry ticket for the museum is only 3 AED per individual, and it is easily accessible by taxi, bus, or metro.

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