Future Museum Dubai officially opened its doors back in February 2022. It is set to become one of the utmost unique attractions not only in Dubai but in the whole world. The design is created by using an algorithm and is an astounding feat of innovation that leverage the technology to deliver a mind-blowing experience to people who visit there. Keeping in line with the vision of Dubai to project itself as the main technological hub, the museum has already taken place as the centerpiece in Dubai’s extensive list of global attractions.

Future Museum Dubai

Future Museum Dubai

The Museum of the Future is conceived by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, it is the part of largest Dubai Future Foundation that leads to valuable insight into the future. The facility of art state received the go-ahead back in 2015 and then development started shortly afterward.

The consultants of the project which are a UK-based architectural house mentioned that the parametric design of the museum’s structure is based on an algorithmic model that allows specific variables to be utilized in order to modify the final equation outcome. In terms of the layman, the external framework of the museum has 2400 constitute steel members that are being completed after using complex models of mathematics.

The structure is resembling an eye which is symbolic of humanity’s dedication to looking ahead into the future, the hole in the middle is representing the void and the mysteries of the universe also the hidden truths that lie beyond. Moreover, the stunning poetry from the ruler of Dubai that is in the form of calligraphy embellishes the 78-meter-high structure. The museum illuminates a range of LED lights at night as far as five kilometers away.

Future Museum Dubai


The innovation of technology is a selling point of the Museum of the Future but, sustainability forms the project’s DNA. The modern building protocol controls, grey water recycling system, and the reformative drives lift the museum’s green credentials are enviable and incomparable.

The buildings are powered by photovoltaic solar panels that are located offsite and the hybrid or electric vehicles can be charged on-site. The experts of the museum also mentioned that it will impose restrictions on single-plastic use. The food department of the museum will offer healthy food to the people who visit there. The idea is to change Dubai into an ecosystem that is sustainable at its core. In the past, the museum has held some exhibitions for leaders around the world. Here we are providing you with a description of each exhibition.

Future Museum Dubai


The focus of the exhibition The Machinic Life is on the true capabilities of sensitive machines that how the machines can make improvements to our daily interaction with one another, solve socio-economic issues and pave the way for artificial intelligence also human augmentation. The exhibition has admiring responses from around the world and appreciates the interaction of Robots and Humans.

Future Museum Dubai


Dubai is at the front to battle the against global warming and the exhibition examined the three most relevant factors that contribute to humanity’s ecological footprint, agriculture, industry, and rapid urbanization as means to change the way we live. The people who visit there can step into a futuristic ideal world in which technology, biomedical, and self-sufficiency have drastically enhanced our lives.

Future Museum Dubai

3.  The Human 2.0 At The Museum Of The Future

The Human 2.0 is a recent exhibition that took place in the Museum of the Future, the exhibition creates a society where robots and humans co-exist in seamless harmony. How the body and mind of humans can work in synergy to complete milestones that were impossible previously. Basically, it is a concept that explores the possibilities of human that is breakable from the limitation of their body and mind.

Future Museum Dubai


The adaption of AI technologies is moving faster in our daily lives than it was expected before. The AI is introduced to visitors to build powered and supported by artificial intelligence. This exhibition explores the various AI possibilities by adding to humans’ critical industries such as education, socio-political issues, and healthcare.

Future Museum Dubai


You can discover the newest designs and shop everything from stationery items to gizmos and gadgets. The museum especially offers crafted products that are related to experience like Health Institute and more (H.O.P.E).  There are some limited editions as well so you must grab your hands on them as soon as you can.

Future Museum Dubai


Explore the visual enchantments hidden beneath the museum’s unique exterior and internal walls through a narrated picture tour supervised by a professional Nikon-certified photographer. The people who participate in this photo-guided tour will get a chance to learn specialized methods, like reflection catching and shadow to add an artistic touch to the images and learn the basics of photography and how to use a current camera properly.

DATE: 9thTH & 16th May-2023

AGE: 14 and 14 above

TIMINGS: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Future Museum Dubai


The Museum of the Future locates on Sheikh Zayed Road, the amazing structure can easily be viewed from the metro or while driving through the highway. Getting off from Emirates Tower Metro Station on Red Line will make you reach to the museum within five minutes.

Future Museum Dubai


The timings of the museum are that it opens from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, from the morning till evening. The museum opens every day a week.

Future Museum Dubai



The Museum of the Future lives up as a triumph of progress and human spirits. The focus of the museums is to fill the gap between the Human mind and futuristic technology, to accomplish the transformative outcome for the present and the past.

In Addition, the Museum of the Future is planning to host a Hi-Tech lab as well that will help in carrying out the research work from several fields like healthcare, smart cities, education, transport, and renewable energy.

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