We usually think that museums hold stunning paintings and ancient relics hidden in glass cases. What if you get to know that there is a Museum of Future and for that, you don’t have to travel through the time, you just have to travel to Dubai.

You are done with the things in Dubai and don’t know what to do further? The Museum is innovative and offers various interactive experiences. This Museum of Dubai gives you a captivating peek into the future by 2071.

You obviously need guidelines before visiting the Museum of Future but you really don’t need to worry about it. From the prices of tickets and the things there that you can explore, we got you all covered.

The Uniqueness Of This New Attraction futura museum dubai

The Uniqueness Of This New Attraction

The Museum of Future has so much amazing stuff to do that we don’t even know where to start. You don’t have to worry about getting lost on the way to the Museum of the Future, thanks to its well-designed architecture. The outstanding unique design is beautifully eye-catching within the towering skyscrapers surrounding it.

This building of glass-walled was designed by Killa Design, the local architecture firm that is well known as one of the symbolic and most complex structures in the world. The circular form of structure is said to symbolize humanity, the mold there is the representation of Earth, and there the middle void represents the unknown future.

You can also see the Arabic calligraphy running through Museums of the Future’s stainless-steel exterior and which is designed by renowned Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej.

The Things You Can See In The Museum Of The Future

You can definitely get yourself lost in the small world of innovative science at the Museum of the Future. There is a museum, seven levels, and five must-see exhibits. You better be excited because there are tons of amazing technologies that must try while you are here or you are planning to visit Dubai. The journey of the Museum of the Future starts from Level 5 down to Level 1.


  1. Oss Hope- Level 5

You can begin your journey to 2071 on the Orbital Space Station (OSS). This OSS experience starts space shuttle that shoots you off to “SPACE”. With the special effects and the ultra-realistic sound, you will not have to rack your imagination to sense like you are flying into the galaxy. Furthermore, the museum has even launched a countdown and provides you with video clips that show what the future of Dubai would look like through the shuttle’s windows.

When you will enter the OSS Hope, you will enter the command center on the station and will act like a real-life astronaut, you will have to explore missions, and project monitoring and learn a lot of innovations within the station. From outside, you will also witness a majestic view of the Planet Earth.

  1. The Heal Institution – Level 4

The Heal Institute takes center stage on the planet. This level includes two exhibits: Digital Amazon and The Vault of Life.

In the Vault of Life, you can visit the library of DNA and have access to hundreds and thousands of species. You can take some species and make them run through devices to witness how these species would help in our ecosystem repair. You also have a chance to discover new species while you are here.

How about exploring Amazon Rainforest in the museum? The Museum of the Future makes that possible by using some mixed realities. In Digital Amazon, experience vast biodiversity without encountering wild animals, as the compact forest is recreated for observation.

  1. Al Waha – Level 3

At Al Waha level is a multisensory and mediative space, in there, you can experience Zen-like never before. The futuristic spa is waiting for you to experience different stores, it would make you feel like you are walking on a beach. Some of it you can experience with groups and others will require you to walk alone. This level is exciting and relaxing that will help you to relax your mind.

  1. Tomorrow Today – Level2

The Tomorrow Today will make you see what the future looks like. This level will amaze you to see some inventions that you have never thought about. This level of the museums will show global technological innovations that could help in changing the World. We never know, we might use these inventions soon or later in this world.

  1. Future Heroes– Level1

This level in the Museum of Future caters to children aged ten years or below. The little one is motivated to freely play and play with other children together. By assigning urgent missions with time limits, they activate and excite children at this level, keeping them engaged and motivated. Future Museum Dubai

Terra Firma

With so much technological stuff, you will definitely need some sustenance. You can just head towards Terra Firma, in there a robot barista will welcome you and serve you with some drinks if you needed them and you can relax there for some time as well.

Future Museum Dubai

Tickets And Timings Of The Museum Of The Future

The tickets to the Museum cost AED 145. You can book your tickets from the official website or by visiting the museum. There you can have free access to Wi-Fi as well.

The opening hours of the museum are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. The tour of the museum will take around one and a half or 2 hours. It depends on your stay at each level.

Future Museum Dubai

The Location Of The Museum Of The Future

The Museum of the Future is right at Sheikh Zayed Road which is easily accessible. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have your private car, you can easily get there through different public transport.

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