Do you think that the freelance lifestyle is a perfect match for you? A freelance visa should be the next step that you take. Therfore, if you have a Freelance visa Dubai, it will allow you to conduct business in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and provide customers with professional services. Moreover, there are several UAE free zones that issue freelancer licenses and those are:

Freelance Visa Dubai (Freelance license) is available at affordable prices and it allows you to work across an extensive array of business-related activities. Remember, you also require your UAE residency visa. Also, some industries involve event management, consultancy, new media, film production, entertainment, and education.

A freelance visa in Dubai may register under these sectors:


A Freelance Visa Dubai is different from your UAE residence visa and you must know what a freelance visa  costs before obtaining freelance employment. However, license packages start from AED 7,500 per year. The setup cost depends on the free zone in which you are registered. Remember, there may also additional costs for the freelance visa if the visa is required under the Dubai Development Authority. Furthermore, the Freelance employment visa will also come with a fee of a freelance visa. Dubai Government Authority is a government figure that includes urban planning, real estate, and economic development. Under this authority, the freelance visa Dubai is valid for three years, also, you are eligible to renew your visa every three years and it involves insurance and an immigration card as well.

If your parents or spouse are sponsoring you then you don’t need to cancel your UAE residence visa to get your freelance visa Dubai. The freelance visa cost varies from AED 10,000 to 20,000 depending on various factors. However, if you need a residence visa for UAE, or an operational permit to legally work as a practitioner in UAE, these aspects can increase the total cost.

Freelance visa dubai


The following are the documents required for your Freelance visa


Do you want to work for yourself without renting space for an office?

Most people really wish to become their own boss as freelancers instead of going for a 9 to 5 job. With the changing work environment of UAE, more individuals are attracted to work for themselves. Now, Abu Dhabi and a  freelance visa Dubai are more affordable and reachable, this dream can be a reality for many entrepreneurs. Moreover,  According to Algorithm Research, Dubai has focal points for UAE freelancers, it hosts more than 65% of freelancers in the region.

Most freelancers’ fieldwork includes social media, graphic design, software development, architecture, and websites. 62% of men and 38% of women represent UAE’s freelance workforce. The age of majority freelancers is between 21 to 30 years old.
Freelance visa dubai


You may see an online advertisement from some companies that offers a freelancer visa or they provide opportunities to create easy money without leaving your home. The corporations sponsor easy freelance visa Dubai on websites or through social media platforms pointing aspiring freelancers.

Also, Be Alert when considering these kinds of opportunities online or offline and focus on these warning signs while applying for a freelance visa Dubai.


  1. EASY PROCESS: Apply for your freelance visa Dubai in two ways. You can apply directly to the Department of Economics or through one of the numerous free zones. The process of application is simple, your organization name is your name, and the license is issued in around 7 to 10 days.
  2. WORK OPPORTUNITIES: UAE provides a range of industries in which you can conduct your business. Also, freelance visas Dubai are issued for nearly all DED-listed activities of the business. If you want to get your freelance visa Dubai from free zones, your business activities must be focused on the free zone area. For instance, if your field is Technology and IT, then Dubai internet city is where you can set your work.
  3. NO SPACE FOR OFFICE NEEDED: Working as a freelancer means complete freedom. Office space is completely optional in this field. You can work from home, be your own boss or rent facilities of office from one of any zones. With a freelance visa , you can find the right work style that fits you.
  4. YOU CAN SPONSOR YOUR DEPENDENT: Although, freelancing is not a steady job it doesn’t mean you can’t have your family with you. If you have a freelance visa Dubai, you can sponsor your dependents. After securing a Freelance visa , and completing certain requirements of salary, you are eligible to sponsor your family members. Also, if you are establishing a company in UAE, you can sponsor your employees as well.
  5. Freelance visa dubai


From freedom location to optimal satisfaction of work, there are numerous advantages of a freelance visa  and working in UAE, some of the reasons are as follows:

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