Dubai is well known for its crude oil, skyscrapers, wealth, corporations, a beautiful city with lights, sheikhs and a lot more. Dubai within the United Arab Emirates has grown fast from barren land to metropolitan city, that offers a cosmopolitan life style to its people. The city has numerous of tourists every year. Although, the rich and wonderful city had a very modest beginning. The seven Emirate States of United Arab Emirates (UAE) was started with exchanges and trade. After decades, that successfully leads to prosperity of the states, specifically Dubai.
The people usually forget the fact that Dubai Museum is the best travel destination not only for modern adventures, shopping or technology but Dubai has still maintained places of its culture, history and tradition. And for that, one of the top museum is Etihad Museum. This museum is also known as the Union House, it is the place where the seven rulers from the seven emirates, together met in the meeting room of the Union House and they declared the formation of UAE together. This museum covers all the parts that start from the birth of UAE, then discovering the oil that was a game changer for UAE and till the current UAE that we see today.

The Etihad Museum

The Etihad museum is opened from 2017, this museum shows each and everything about United Arab Emirates, right from its beginning in 1971. The key significant event that happened in here was the signing of the constitution of UAE and then raising of the first UAE flag. It was designed by the Canadian architects Tashima and Murayama.

This is the amazing way that you can learn about the roots and origins of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the seven emirates that had formed. This learning you can have at Etihad museum that is one of the best museums. Engage yourself with this educational tour, which is interesting of people with all age group type, everyone can learn about the past history and culture of UAE. The amazing structure of the museum, wonderful architecture, monumental entrance and finest galleries, complete white marble and a lot more. The Etihad museum is ready sweep of your feet with its white beauty and magnificence.

10 Exhibition to explore in the Dubai Museum

  1. The Founders of Etihad Dubai Museum

As soon you enter in the museum, you can see the section 1, this is the first one exhibit at where you can see the amazing gallery of picture of founding fathers of United Arab Emirates. Every picture will have interactive screen that tells you biography of each father.

  1. The Union dreams at Dubai Museum

It is the second exhibition in museum that gives guide to the union story through music and illustration. This section is known as the “Dream of Unity”.

  1. The Interactive MAP of UAE

When you move from the section 1 & 2, you can see a cooperative map in which you can see the realistic view and old view of country before the unification of 7 emirates. Visitors also has facility to activate the audio and visual clips that is informative and related to the historical events of United Arab Emirates.

  1. The Starting Years

This section highlights the screen of audio and videos of early negotiation years with Arabs and other foreign countries.

  1. Way to Unification

This section shows some steps that has been taking towards the foundation of United Arab Emirates

  1. Unity Seeds

The section 6 will make you explore the Dubai museum; this will show you astonishing display of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan while having meet up with Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed at Sayh Al Sadira. The technology in there will gives you a realistic view.

  1. The Unification & The Change

This section is interesting, in there you have to play games. You will have 7 cubes that is align with interactive screens in that room. The cubes illustrate a theme that will help to reveal the content and the picture that is relate to the theme.

  1. The Emirates Unification

This section shows that challenges that founding fathers had to face before 1971. It presents the series of photographs and audio-visual messages. For establishment of the unity of nation, the visitors have chance to see some significant formal & informal meetings within the museum.

  1. The Constitution of United Arab Emirates

This is an amazing section that shows the UAE’s constitution, which was signed by the founded fathers. You can view the constitution in both English and Arabic languages. Also, Sheikh Zayed signed treaty of friendship between United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, that is also available for visitors.

  1. The One Dream & Nation of UAE

This section is facilitated with interactive screen. Those screens have educational material that enhance your knowledge by exploring interesting insight of UAE’s passport development. This section shows past, present & future of the Union, I-e summary.  

The Etihad Museum (Dubai Museum) Surroundings:

There are several of houses at Etihad museum that shows exhibition, it shows the history of United Arab Emirates. The library in there, has numerous collections, resources and theatre. It has very interesting and unique timeline that has educational videos and maps. There is also a relaxation place for people who visits the museum. These interactive programs are highlight that shows how useful and user-friendly it is.

There are some key spots you must visit when you plan to visit the Etihad museum.

Dubai Museum

  1. Union House of Flag

This is the second largest flag of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The 110-meter-tall pole locates right by the museum. The flag is easily visible from the whole museum, while you are entering or exiting, you can easily see the flag. It is one of the best photographed spots as well.

  1. The Dubai Museum Spice Market that is Traditional

If you visiting Dubai and not visiting the spice market so you will regret missing the loaded and finest spices with yourself. You must visit the spice market that locates in the museum and have a look on the wonderful street of spices. You can purchase original and authentic Dubai spices with reasonable prices. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get back to your home with authentic Dubai spices?

  1. Boat Point

It is one of the finest experiences to explore skyscrapers from the Dubai streets but experiencing the view from the water is the best one. With a reasonable ticket prices, you can take a boat and ride through the water. The view with minimum cost will be worth it. You must not forget to click a lot of pictures of amazing building.  This is the chance you can spice up your Instagram.

The Location of Etihad Museum: 1 Jumeirah St, Dubai

Timings of Etihad Museum: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (All 7 days)

Tickets of Etihad Museum: Adult fee is 25 AED & Children under agar 6 are free


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