Nowadays, the economy of Dubai is growing rapidly, resulting in a high demand for skilled workers with international exposure. The availability of job-related opportunities and easy travel connections make Dubai an increasingly popular expatriate destination. However, like many countries, obtaining a work visa requires proper documentation and paperwork. If your dream is to work in Dubai, be prepared to go through the necessary steps to secure a work visa.

Mostly people have a job lined up before they reach in Dubai. This is one of the smart moves for several reasons, not just in the context of avoiding the stress of job search. Although, the organizations in Dubai will complete work visa requirement for applicant. This will include applicant visa fee that is a legal requirement. The organization also take responsibility for sponsoring the applicant family. Employment visas as well work permit can be last anywhere from one year to around ten years.

Dubai Work Visa

Get Work Visa

Before you receive a work visa for Dubai Work Visa, you obviously need to get an entry permit visa first, Emirate ID card and also a visa for residence. Note that, while you are investigating all your visa related steps, a work permit and a work visa sometimes also known as a labor card.

As you will definitely be aware that the most important object for your work visa is your job offer or job contact proof and all the further paperwork you need for your work visa is essential for your residency visa as well.

The first step is to get entry visa.

Dubai Work Visa

The Entry Permit Visa in Dubai

Before you get work visa, you must have entry permit visa issued by Ministry of Labor. This is known Pink Card as well. After having a successful application, your entry permit visa is legal for two months after the date of issuance. It allows you to stay in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 30 days and you may extend your entry permit visa twice.

Dubai Work Visa

Emirates ID and Residency Visa

After you have successful arrival at Dubai with your entry permit visa, your process of residence visa can be start by your employer. You have all 60 days to complete all your paperwork.

First step is to go on Emirates ID service center to have your Emirates ID. You have to come up with your passport, also with entry permit visa.  After that, you’ll need the following things to complete your application of visa residency

Dubai Work Visa

The Form of Visa Application

The employer will guide you and work with you to fill the application form.

Passport & Photos

You will need a lot of passport-sized pictures also, your original passport and a photocopy of it. Free Tip: Make several photocopies of your passport and make sure to leave some at your home country while you are at overseas.

The Organizations Validation Documents

It is a part of your visa application that includes copy of your organization card and a valid commercial license of your organization. You can easily arrange it all by asking to your employer.

Medical Certificate

A valid medical and health certificate is required for everyone who is applying for a resident permit. The process required an applicant to submit a health check at a medical clinic or a government hospital.   This must happen in United Arab Emirates. Tests from outside of the country are not acceptable. Your embassy or the organization in which you are applying will recommend you some of the hospitals or clinics.

The Medical and Health Certificate can have blood tests or a chest x-ray. These tests are for checking communicable diseases. For instance, diseases like, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and leprosy. Any positive results will terminate your visa and will ask you to leave the country as soon as possible. For that, if you have any concern related to any disease, concern your family doctor. The simple tests can make your mind in ease and you will be tension free at time of your testing at UAE.

Requirements for Work Visa

After your entry permit visa, Emirates ID & residency visa in your hand, you have almost completed your work visa application. You must provide following things as well.

How Much Time Will It Take to Get You a Work Visa?

It only takes around 10 days to receive your work visa. During the process of approval, the Ministry of Labor decision is to make sure that there are no local citizens who may do job in question.

Make sure that all documents and forms are submitted must be written in Arabic or accompanied by a certified translation.

The Gold Card Visa Program

The “Gold Card” visa program was introduced in United Arab Emirates in May 2019. The options it includes are five year to ten years visas.

Five-year visas are available for those who invest minimum 5 million AED or more in ownership of property. They must retain the investment for three years at least. This five year of visa allows families of applicant as well to reside with work visa of UAE.

Ten-year visas are available for those who invest 10 million AED at least. It can be either an investment fund or an existing or new firm.  40 percent of investment can be made by real estate. People who has specialized talents can also get ten-year visa. “Specialized Talent” involves, specialist, doctors or inventors. People with ten-year visa can easily bring their families to UAE.

Tourist Dubai Visa

The process of tourist visa is much easier. The visas are granted on arrival to visitors depends on their country. The tourist visa allows people to stay there for 30 or 90 days within a year but it is not for employment purpose. Although, you can use this visa to search for your future jobs or meet and greet kind of visits.  However, if you have job offer, still you will be needed work permit to begin your work. People who have tourist visa and start working can face consequences. You may be asking to leave country immediately.


Dubai’s rapidly growing economy has resulted in a high demand for skilled workers. Obtaining a work visa requires proper documentation and paperwork, including an entry permit visa, Emirate ID card, and a visa for residence. The process involves obtaining a job offer or contract, completing various forms, submitting a medical certificate, and providing other necessary documents. It usually takes around 10 days to receive a work visa. The “Gold Card” visa program offers five- to ten-year visas for investors and specialized talent. Tourist visas are also available but not for employment purposes. If you’re interested in working in Dubai, be prepared to go through the necessary steps to secure a work visa.


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