Dubai is well known about its modern and unique architecture and skyscraper. Dubai, also has numerous of world records related to the architecture field. Whether it’s Palm Island or the Burj Khalifa, it can easily fascinate you with the sky touching beauty. Some of the utmost famous tourist places in Dubai have been manufactured in the past few decades. Although, the Dubai museum that honor the richness and vibrant of old times.

The Dubai Museums, that Gives Insight View of Rich Heritage and its Architecture

If you are the person who is history buff and want to see unique architectural design, also want to know that how Dubai is a wonderful city now, then you must visit some of the outstanding museums here in Dubai. Also, if you want a small and detailed introduction of Dubai museums so you are on the right page. In this blog, we let you know about top 6 museum that you must visit in Dubai.

Etihad Museum

This Etihad museum is located at Jumeirah Street 1, this museum is the recent one also the impressive one that tells the whole story of United Arab Emirates. The location where this museum is built is the place where the country was designed back in 1971. More of the museum is underground that includes permanent & temporary galleries, spaces for events, plaza and pool, theatres and a lot more. The entrance pavilion reflecting the plaza and pool. The buildings parabolic curves represent the parchment to which the unification agreement is written and its golden columns represents pens from which the documents were signed. This museum enhances the knowledge of people by letting them know about the old period of time when the all seven emirates decided to come together and form a United Arab Emirates (UAE). The people who are history lovers, this educational and interactive experience will be your life time memory.

The Timings of the Etihad Museum: 10:00am to 8:30pm

The Location of the Etihad Museum: Jumeirah St 1 Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Al Bastakiya

The Al Bastakiya is located at Hamriya, Bur Dubai, The Al Bastakiya contained sixty houses separate by narrow & winding lines during its major days. After the new Dubai economic growth, like after 1950’s, the workers who were immigrant from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India settled these homes. Even some of them became warehouses but after some decades, the Dubai government decided to protect those houses as a mark of its heritage. The houses were restored to their original shapes back in 2000s before this place opened for visitors. This place will give your knowledge related to the historic neighborhood of Dubai. It shows the people lifestyle who was there before the rise of skyscrapers. People who are an art lover, the Majlis gallery within this museum will be wonderful experience for them.

The Timings of the Al Bastakiya: 9:00am to 6:00pm

The Location of the Al Bastakiya: Al Hamriya, Bur Dubai, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Museum of the Future

The museum of future has opened in 2019, this museum is designed by local studio which is Killa Design, it describes itself as living laboratory that shows exhibitions related to technology and science. The building unique parametrically-designs is form by the inspiration of human eye. It represents a knowledge and future vision.  This can also help in understanding the possibility of climate change for 2050. This museum will also have workshops, special courses and talks while using the existing technology. It is world largest museum along with some exciting trends and opportunities.

The Timings of the Museum of Future: 10:00am to 6:00pm

The Location of the Museum of the Future: Trade Centre 2, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai Museum Coffee Longue:

The Coffee Museum is located at Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood, this museum has two floors, the private curated has rooms that dedicated to the coffee origins, has international antiques, a proper majlis, library, a shop, café, Middle eastern antiques and special section for history. The museum will let you know about the international and regional history of coffee. This place has antique items that will help you to understand the history. It locates is historic buildings that give chance to tourists to live and experience the old Dubai. This museum is best for those who are coffee lovers and wants to taste different coffees.

The Timings of the Coffee Museum: 9:00am to 5:00pm

The Location of the Coffee Museum: Villa 44, Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai Exhibits Archive:

The Dubai Museum, locates at Al Fahidi street, Bur Dubai. This museum will help you to understand the evolution of old Dubai to the modern Dubai that we can see today.  It locates near to the Dubai Creek that is one of the greatest traditional areas of the city. The Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1787 in which the Dubai museum is located.  This fort was monarch’s base once before the renovation during the reign of Sheikh Rasheed Saeed Al Maktoum, it had a stimulated residence, arsenal weapons and prisons. The city history is portrayed through model of people, also animals and places that explaining the story. You will witness the history glimpse through some remarkable artifacts as well.

The Timings of the Dubai Museum: 8:30am to 8:30pm

The Location of the Dubai Museum: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Hatta Heritage Village

The Hatta Heritage Village is located at the outskirts of Dubai, this village has a rich and amusing history of 2000 to 3000 years. This place was renovated and then opened back in 2001 for the tourists. The tourists get a sight of mountainous range of Hatta and the antique village that used to exist in old era. This place has some original buildings, 2 castles and a fort, the visitors can check these all things. The buildings still have original tools, weapons and furniture along with model structures that helps to explain the whole story.

The Timings of the Hatta Heritage Village: 7:30am to 8:30pm

The Location of the Hatta Heritage Village: Hatta Area, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


Dubai is renowned for its modern architecture and skyscrapers, but it also has a rich heritage and history that can be explored through its museums. The Etihad Museum tells the story of the formation of the United Arab Emirates, while Al Bastakiya provides insight into the historic neighborhood of Dubai. The Museum of the Future showcases technological advancements, and the Coffee Museum offers a glimpse into the international and regional history of coffee. The Dubai Museum itself portrays the evolution of Dubai from the past to the present, and Hatta Heritage Village showcases traditional Emirati life. These museums offer educational and interactive experiences that are a must-visit for history and art lovers visiting Dubai.


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